Silversea Cruises: the complete Guide

This pratical Cruising Journal guide allows you to learn about and prepare for your cruise with Silversea Cruises. Instructions, advice and information are included so you know exactly what to expect on board the Silversea with our “Cruise Guide”.



Luxury service doesn’t mean that these are stuffy cruises with particularly strict requirements. On board you will find attention to every detail, the highest level of service, and outstanding dining. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. The setting is generally quiet, but in the evening there is music that allows the guests to mingle as desired while enjoying themselves and feeling at ease.


Silversea Cruises has maintained the traditional gala evenings during which it is necessary for men to wear a tuxedo or dark suit and women to wear a cocktail dress or other elegant attire. On normal evenings, however, the only requirement at the restaurants is for men to wear a suit jacket. During lunch at the buffet restaurant everyone is required to dress appropriately.


Like most of the cruise ship companies offering all-inclusive packages, the prices for Silversea include almost everything, from drinks to the service fees. Here is the list of the items that are not included in the price: treatments at the spa, some specialty restaurants, excursions, bottled wine and the more expensive alcohol. A basic internet package is also included, with a limited daily usage. For those who desire, upgraded internet packages are also available for an additional fee.


There are several organized excursions offered in each port of call, most of them in English. The company also offers guests a concierge service that can organize personalized transfers and excursions as desired. During the reservation process it is also possible to choose add-on packages with before or after-cruise stays in the departure or arrival city.


The Silversea fleet has ships of different classes and sizes. Some units offer a wide selection of restaurants while others are more limited. Most of the restaurants are included in the price (free), others however require an additional flat fee to dine. The main restaurants are all free and do not require a reservation, while some of the specialty restaurants do indeed require one. If you know you want to dine in one of these specialty restaurants, we recommend that you book as far ahead as possible (even from home using the platform MySilversea) since tables are in high demand and space is limited.

In the evenings, the poolside Grill is transformed into an open-air restaurant with stone-grilled meat and fish. Also in the evenings, the buffet restaurant becomes an Italian restaurant. On the more recent ships, there are two main restaurants: a classic restaurant and one inspired by Asian cuisine.

A butler is also available should you desire a meal service directly in your room or on your balcony. Room service is available 24 hours a day.


The gym on board is divided into two areas: an aerobic fitness area and a weight lifting room. All the equipment is the very latest generation and adequate for the number of passengers onboard. The Spa is rather modest and the only free areas are the small sauna and Turkish bath. Some of the larger ships in the fleet also have another larger spa area with a beautiful view over the stern that can be accessed for an additional fee.


Silversea Cruises offers itineraries of varying lengths, the shortest lasting just one week and the longest being the marvelous around-the-world cruises. Their main areas of operation are the Caribbean, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia. Perhaps most fascinating are the cruises to the Galapagos Islands soon to be offered on the Silver Origin in South America.

Besides cities of unquestionable interest you will also find niche destinations and small ports that are only reachable by smaller ships like those in the Silversea fleet.


Silversea ships offer only outside suites that include every imaginable comfort as well as a butler. The dimensions vary depending on if you choose outside with a window, outside with a balcony or another type of suite. All the suites are elegant and inviting with upscale touches like marble in the bathrooms and velvet and wood furnishings.

You can choose your preferred type of pillow from the pillow menu, they will shine your shoes and even clean your eye glasses. If you want to write a letter, you will find your own personalized stationary waiting for you on the desk in your room!


The crowning jewel of Silversea Cruises is the impeccable service. On board the smaller ships the service is more attentive than on some of the more recent larger ships. From the butler to the concierge, everything revolves around the guests, who will certainly enjoy the feeling of being pampered from the moment they come aboard to the moment they disembark.

On board the ships in the Silversea fleet you can enjoy afternoon tea time, movie viewings, and informative presentations about each of the ports of call. Whenever a ship docks far from the center of town, a shuttle is provided to reach the destination.

Silversea Cruises, with their specialized services, offer an exclusive experience within each cruise experience. It would be difficult to forget a Silversea cruise once you’ve experienced it.

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