On Board Dining

Seabourn presents: the real “Sushi”

On Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation the Sushi experience truly takes you to a corner of Japan, with the authentic tastes of Japanese cuisine and excellent service. On the center8 deck of the ship, on Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation, you’ll find a small restaurant in perfect Japanese style: Sushi. Open for lunch and dinner, […] Read more

Casanova: the gourmet restaurant of Costa Firenze

Wonder if you’ve ever experienced a gourmet menu aboard a cruise ship? Definitely one of the things I recommend you do on your next cruise. On the Costa Firenze you can experience the best of Italian and international gastronomic tradition at the Casanova Restaurant. An evening you will surely remember and something absolutely new on […] Read more

S.A.L.T.: Silversea introduces its itineraries to the table

Silversea Cruises is offering an unprecedented food and wine cultural and catering programme on board the latest ships in its fleet. It’s called S.A.L.T., which stands for Sea and Land Taste. But that’s not all. I would also add knowledge, discovery, culture and passion as well as taste. The luxury airline has really developed a […] Read more

An evening at Archipelago on Costa Smeralda!

Costa Cruises‘ Archipelago Restaurant is not just a gourmet restaurant, it is design, taste, sustainability, a true sensational experience. On the Costa Smeralda we had the pleasure and the honor to dine at the Archipelago restaurant. Crossed the threshold of the door you are immediately welcomed by the staff that with kindness and composure directs […] Read more

Pizzeria Spaccanapoli: the excellent pizza on Silversea

Spaccanapoli is the Pizzeria on board the Silversea fleet, an informal and truly mouth-watering choice for a meal or snack on Silversea Cruises ships. Featured on Silver Spirit, Silver Muse, Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, Pizzeria Spaccanapoli offers a variety of truly delicious pizzas from an extensive menu always available to customers. Referred to as […] Read more

Silver Note: Jazz and Gourmet on Silversea Cruises

Silver Note is one of the most exclusive reservation-free restaurants aboard the Silversea Cruises fleet. Let the show begin! An intimate and elegant location that is a tribute to the most famous jazz clubs in Manhattan. An atmosphere full of charm, which will literally transport you in an environment with soft lights, engaging rhythm and […] Read more

Le Petit Chef on board Celebrity Cruises

“Le Petit Chef and Family” on Celebrity Cruises represents a totally innovative experience in the field of specialty restaurants on board cruise ships. The concept is produced by TableMation and has existed for several years in a number of restaurants around the world. It was first introduced on board the Celebrity Edge, and reintroduced on […] Read more

Costa Crociere: more quality and variety in dining

Costa Cruises has partially renewed and integrated its food offer, transforming some restaurants on board and adding some specialty dining. The pandemic has certainly changed our idea of cruising during this first phase of the recovery, with the ships taking on an even more central role in the life of cruise passengers. Because of the […] Read more

The dining on board World Voyager

The World Voyager is a ship in the Mystic Cruises’ fleet that sails under German management for Nicko Cruises, famous for their river cruises. Their entrance into the maritime cruises market has seen the company turn towards high-level products, with expedition trips and in-depth discovery of the places visited. The small World Voyager is in […] Read more

All the flavors of…. the Enchanted Princess

The Enchanted Princess promises to serve a variety of dishes and flavors from around the world, inspired by its itineraries, according to Mario Siebaldi, Senior Vice President, an expert in product development and Princess Cruises guest experiences. “We will continue to offer, on the whole ship, packages with dinner included,” he said, “combined with our […] Read more