Costa Smeralda: Panorama Restaurant

The Panorama Restaurant, on board the Costa Smeralda, is a specialty restaurant reserved for suite guests but also available to the other guests on board with a reservation and for an additional fee. Let’s take a closer look.

Costa Smeralda, the innovative Costa Cruises ship inaugurated in 2019, offers countless dining alternatives from buffets to restaurants with alternating or open seating, to pizzerias, Teppanyaki and lots of other specialty cuisines. Located on the left side of the bow on deck 8, the Panorama Restaurant is accessible from the beautiful Trastevere piazza, the location of other great dining experiences like Il Bacaro, Amarillo, the Maranello Bar and Bellavista Restaurant.

The interior decor of the Panorama Restaurant is very elegant, with table settings that are simple but classy which are made more informal by the lack of tablecloths just like in the other restaurants on the ship. On one side, the dining area offers a beautiful view of the sea, with windows on the walkway of deck 8. The service is attentive and precise, with an extremely courteous and welcoming staff that is always available for anything you need.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is included in the price of suites or for an additional free for guests staying in other cabin types. The menu is different each day, which some dishes that are always available. The restaurant also features the ship’s specialties, such as mozzarella balls, Prosciutto Crudo with Grana Padana cheese, fried fish and other dishes, which are available for an additional charge just like in all the ship’s restaurants.

There is lots to choose from between seafood and meat dishes, as well as vegetarian dishes or those created for guests with special diets. The inspiration is undoubtedly Mediterranean but with international dishes and specialties from the places visited on each specific cruise itinerary. Behind the simple names you’ll recognize from Italian cuisine there are exquisitely made dishes that shouldn’t be missed, like the Amatriciana, the pumpkin puree or the cold fusilli salad.

Don’t miss out on the main dishes as well like Ossobuco alla Milanese or the meat tris plate. The optimal desserts showcase the overall excellence of the pastries made on board the Costa Smeralda. Such a hard decision to choose just one, but there are no wrong answers! And to conclude, some mini pastries served family style, coffee or dessert wine available by the glass from the cellar.

The Panorama Restaurant offers a reserved and quiet space for all the guests staying in suites, who can enjoy to the utmost the relaxing environment at all three meals during the day. But it also offers an alternative for all the Costa Smeralda passengers, for a reasonable extra fee, to try out a menu and ambiance different from the norm.

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Gabriele Bassi