Il Bacaro: a little of Venice on board Costa Smeralda

Il Bacaro onboard the Costa Smeralda: a new experience that brings the tradition and taste of this unique venetian environment to the sea.

Costa Smeralda is a Costa Cruises ship dedicated to Italy and all of the country’s most beautiful destinations. So of course there had to be an area dedicated to Venice and one of its most famous gastronomic traditions: bacaro wine bars.

Il Bacaro is located on deck 8, at the front of the ship, with access from the Piazza Trastevere just before the entrance to Panorama restaurant. On one side the locale faces onto the Piazza, with a nice LED monitor and the comings and goings of the passengers, on the other side it has portholes on the promenade of deck 8, with a view of the sea.

The ambiance is very simple but inviting and informal, with tables of various sizes and comfortable chairs in velvet in the area next to the portholes. In the display window, at the entrance, some of the “cicchetti” (bite sized appetizers) are on display as well as some bottles of wine that can be perfectly paired with these delicacies.

The menu includes some deals or packages and you can consume an individual cicchetto or enjoy the full experience, choosing between specialty treats coming from the land, the sea or even sweets.  Among the meat cicchetti, be sure not to miss the little meatballs and the famous Venetian tripe. For seafood lovers, the baccalà crostino and the sardines in saor are usually the most popular. Especially for vegetarians, but of course delicious for anyone, is the mozzarella cheese “in carrozza” or the potato and onion skewers!

Maybe you won’t come to Il Bacaro just for dessert… however, if you find yourself in the area the gianduia cubes and the Grand Marnier mini tart are certainly worth the stop…

In fact, Il Bacaro is a very versatile locale that is suitable for a leisurely chat and an aperitif while perhaps enjoying a few tasty bites, and it is also an original and yummy alternative for enjoying a complete meal. The most extensive tasting menu includes a very large number of “tastes”, for a nice dinner in traditional Venetian style.

Whether it’s for a short stop or for a pleasant evening in the company of family or friends, Il Bacaro is certainly a not-to-be-missed experience on board the Costa Smeralda, which combines the pleasure of a small snack and glass of wine with a dive into the tradition and ambiance of a typical Venetian tavern. And on a ship dedicated to Italy, you wouldn’t think of missing out on a stop in Venice!

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Gabriele Bassi