Kaito Teppanyaki and Sushi Bar on Msc Cruises

Kaito Sushi Bar and Teppanyaki on Msc Cruises: not-to-be-missed experiences for lovers of Asian cuisine like sushi and fusion teppanyaki. Together we’ll discover the spaces, the specialties and the complete menus.

These two different Asian specialty restaurants, part of the Msc Cruises onboard restaurant selection, require either a per person extra, as in the case of Kaito Teppanyaki, or an additional fee based on the dishes ordered, as in the case of the Kaito Sushi Bar. For the latter it is possible to enjoy a tasting menu with set dishes that comes as part of some dining packages or is offered as the free gift when reaching the highest level of the Voyager’s Club.

Kaito Teppanyaki can be found on the following ships in the Meraviglia class: Msc Meraviglia, Msc Grandiosa, Msc Bellissima, Msc Virtuosa. The Kaito Sushi Bar can be found on the Msc Musica, Msc Poesia, Msc Lirica, Msc Meraviglia, Msc Grandiosa, Msc Bellissima, Msc Virtuosa.

The Kaito Teppanyaki restaurant is located on deck 7 on ships in the Meraviglia class along the balcony that faces over the Gallery on the left side of the ship. It is decorated in a simple style with an Asian flare, with various grilling stations ringed by seating. It is open every evening for dinner and often for lunch as well, depending on the schedule of the cruise.

A meal at Kaito Teppanyaki is not just a way to taste Asian flavors but it is also provides an entertainment experience thanks to the acrobatic preparation of the fantastic specialized chefs. Come prepared to catch flying pieces of frittata, to see a rice snake slither toward your plate or watch as chicks are born from the egg right in front of you!

You can choose from four different tasting menus, each one with a different price, and one is even completely vegetarian. The cost for the 2021 season is: Geisha € 29.00, Samurai € 39.00 Emperor € 59.00, Vegetarian € 24.00 and Child € 12.00.

The miso soup is the starter for all the menus. Besides rice prepared right in front of you with vegetables, egg and some spices, the meat and fish dishes are also cooked right in the moment, directly in front of the diners. Lobster, prawns, tuna, lamb, duck, beef… they are all accompanied by excellent grilled vegetables. For dessert you are offered a choice of green tea ice cream… or delicious caramelized pineapple!

On the Meraviglia class ships, the Kaito Sushi Bar is located on deck 7, immediately after the Kaito Teppanyaki and facing out over the Gallery. It offers the magical ambiance of the promenade and of the ceiling led light shows. Or, you can chose to sit at the bar in the sushi-style bar section. On the Msc Poesia and Msc Musica the location is likewise on deck 7, mid-ship, with the entrance on the right side of the ship. Instead, on the Msc Lirica, the Kaito Sushi Bar is on deck 12 on the right side at the stern.

The Kaito Sushi Bar offers fresh sushi and sashimi prepared on the spot and right in front of your eyes. For 2021, the Kaito Dining Experience costs € 28.00 and includes miso soup, a mixed plate of sushi and sashimi and green tea ice cream.

If you prefer, you can order a series of “combos” or single dishes directly from the a la carte menu. All the most famous dishes are available, including hot dishes like soup or udon noodles.

Both of these dining options offer a chance to sample Asian cuisine with delicious dishes prepared right on the spot. At Kaito Teppanyaki you will also have a chance to be entertained and to socialize, all while being comfortably seated at a table circling your personal chef. Instead the Kaito Sushi Bar offers excellent sushi and Japanese dishes looking out over the Gallery while surrounded by the restaurant’s pleasant Asian ambiance.

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Gabriele Bassi