Ports of Call

Cruising to Malta: let’s discover it together!

Malta: what should you do and see during a stopover in Malta during your cruise? Follow Cruising Journal advice to ensure you have the perfect visit. The Malta archipelago is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Given its strategic position, Malta is an important port for both commercial and tourist activities. It is […] Read more

Corfu stopover during a cruise: an island to discover

Corfu: what to do and see on this splendid Greek island during a cruise stopover. Here is the Cruising Journal advice and information for the perfect visit. The splendid island of Corfu is one of the top destinations for Eastern Mediterranean cruises. The large cruise ships dock at the port that is a few kilometers […] Read more

Halifax cruise stopover: what to see and do in a day

Halifax: what to see and do in this Canadian city during a cruise stopover. Located on the east coast of Canada, on one of the largest natural ports, Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia and is the largest metropolitan area on the country’s Atlantic coast. Where the cruise ships dock The […] Read more

Miami: instructions for boarding and visiting the city

Boarding in Miami: instructions and advice about arriving, where to stay, and how to reach the terminal in one of the busiest ports in the United States. Called the “Gateway to the Americas” Miami is one of the most exciting and lively historic cities in the world. It is located at the southernmost point on […] Read more

Funchal on a cruise: a wonder to discover!

What should you see and do in Funchal, on the island of Madeira, during a cruise stopover? Today Cruising Journal will take you to Funchal on a virtual trip that can become reality as soon as you take a cruise with a stopover in Madeira. Cruising Journal recommends the following itinerary, come with us and […] Read more

Grand Turk: what to see in this Caribbean paradise

Grand Turk is an island in the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory country that’s located in the tropical Atlantic between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Grand Turk is the historical center of the Turks and Caicos, and is the second most populated island in the country after the island of Providenciales. Our capital […] Read more

Your Cruise to Mumbai: What to See and Do

Cruising Journal, the international portal for cruise ship reviews, takes you to Mumbai! Explore the many facets of Mumbai during a cruise stopover in the Cruising Journal tips. Explore Mumbai’s rich and fascinating history as you embark on an adventure to this exotic, multifaceted city. Home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as […] Read more

Hop on An Adventure Cruise in Juneau

Cruising Journal, the international portal for cruise ship reviews, takes you to Juneau! Get to know the wild and historical side of Juneau during a cruise stopover in the Cruising Journal tips. Explore the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, learn about the history and the important role Natives had in the building of this land, […] Read more

Enjoy a Marvellous Cruise in Bangkok

Cruising Journal, the international portal for cruise ship reviews, takes you to Bangkok! Take in the sights and history of Bangkok during a cruise stopover in the Cruising Journal tips. Experience the history, culture and cuisine of Bangkok as you marvel at how perfectly this beautiful city mixes modern and traditional aspects of its culture in […] Read more

Salvador on a cruise: what to do and to see

Visiting Salvador, Brazil’s former colonial capital, is fun and interesting. Nighttime excitement pours from the historic center of this city (the Pelourinho) with the sounds of lively Brazilian music and drum corps overlapping from its squares, restaurants, and street performers. Salvador is Brazil’s third most visited location – behind Rio de Janeiro and Iguacu Falls… for […] Read more