Explore and Experience Mykonos Town

Cruising Journal, the international portal for cruise ship reviews, takes you to Mykonos Town! Discover the sights and mysteries of Mykonos Town during a cruise stopover in the Cruising Journal tips.

Take a dive in the ancient and majestic sights of Mykonos Town and savour every moment as you tour through this breath-taking Greek town and experience the local culture and history.

The island of Mykonos, as well as Mykonos Town, was named after its first ruler, son of Apollo and local hero. The island itself is mentioned several times in Greek mythology, most notably as the location of the Gigantomachy, the great battle between the Gods and the Giants. According to legend, the large rocks that you can see scattered across the island are, in fact, the petrified corpses of the Giants that were slain during this battle.

How to get to Mykonos Town

MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises offer varied tours of the Mediterranean that include the island of Mykonos and Mykonos Town, as do many other cruising companies, such as Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Seabourn.

Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises provide the same options for cruise itineraries but with a more luxurious onboard experience. With luscious suites, gourmet meals and quality entertainment, you’ll be able to get even more comfortable while you travel to your destination.

Take a Dive in Mykonos

Take advantage of the beautiful, crystal-clear waters of the island during this unique experience with Mykonos Diving Center. Here, your diving instructors offer equipment and boat rides three times a day, at 10:00, 13:00 and 14:30, to give you the chance to take a dive in the open sea. If diving isn’t for you, or if you prefer an activity that requires less specialised equipment, the Center also offers planned excursions for snorkelling and swimming. With these exceptional offers, there is a way for everyone to get in the water and partake in this beautiful experience.

Taste the Wine of the Gods

Taste the wine of the Gods during this guided wine tasting with an experienced sommelier at The Wine Society in Mykonos Town. During this unique wine-tasting experience, you’ll sample a selection of Greek Premium wines and learn about their fascinating backstories. This tour offers two pre-packaged tasting experiences, one on the beach and one at a Villa or on a private yacht. You are free to choose your experience based on your preference, and your guides even give you the option of constructing your own personalised wine-tasting experience.

Catamaran Sailing

Set sail with Mykonos Cruising on a sturdy catamaran. During this unique tour, you’ll explore two archaeological sites on the islands of Delos and Rhenia, just south of Mykonos, as well as Naxos and Paros, which you’ll see on your way back to the harbour. Enjoy the unspoiled beaches and secret coves aboard this catamaran and explore the waters with the snorkelling equipment provided on board. For a more relaxing experience, you can lounge on the sundeck as you enjoy the delicious seafood, grilled to perfection, alongside a refreshing drink, all while taking in the marvellous sights of the Aegean Sea. This company offers both private and semi-private reservation options, allowing you to personalise your experience based on your preference.

Mykonos Town Guided Tour

Tour the island with Delos Guide and discover all of its secrets, from history to myth. Mykonos is situated right next to the largest archaeological park in all of Europe, which bears testimony to its 5,000 years of human history. The island also has a direct connection with mythological heroes, such as Hercules and Ajax, and is the site where the Gods won over the Giants once and for all – there are even petrified bodies of the Giants to prove it!

Let myth and history mingle as one on this highly informative tour of the island. Your guide will first take you to the lighthouse on the north-western point of the island, where you’ll take in its fantastic views and even more fantastic stories. Next, you’ll tour the monastery of Our Lady and witness its stunning architecture. Your guide will then take you to the town of Mykonos itself, the Chora, where you’ll learn about the craftsmanship that goes into mosaics, tour the Public Gardens in the heart of Mykonos Town and discover the many peculiar and unique nooks and corners of the island. To experience all that Mykonos has to offer, this tour is one that you cannot miss.

During your stop in Mykonos, you can’t miss out on exploring its beautiful beaches, such as Agrari beach or Paradise beach. Put down your towel and take a swim in the crystalline waters of this beautiful island. After your time at the beach, why not stop in one of the many places that serve Mykonos craft beer? Here, you’ll enjoy a nice cold pint after a day in the sun.

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