Silversea: Explore Africa and the Indian Ocean

Sculpted sand dunes, dazzling white beaches, abundant wildlife and crystal clear seas are just some of the beauty to be discovered on a Silversea Cruises expedition in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

In fact, Silversea offers luxury cruises to the ends of the earth to discover unknown, hard-to-reach destinations, and is planning more and more cruises aboard its luxury ships to diverse destinations.

Designed for the most inquisitive travelers who want to explore the regions they visit in depth, Silversea‘s Expedition Cruises showcase all aspects of the places visited, from wildlife to wilderness, but most importantly, they offer immersion in the culture with experts on hand to guide guests in their exploration.

From the diversity of wildlife, including the coveted Big Five, to the pink walls of Petra and the markets of Mumbai, from the amber sands of Namibia to the scent of spices in the air, Africa and the Indian Ocean are at the top of travelers’ wish lists.

Silversea Cruises offers cruises to Africa and the Indian Ocean, giving guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vastness of a region known for its diverse culture and charisma. There are many itineraries to choose from, varying in length, departure dates and ports of call, allowing guests to create the vacation of their dreams.

From the giant tortoises of the Seychelles to Aldabra, from the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Zanzibar to the white-sand beaches of Madagascar, Silversea‘s Africa and Indian Ocean cruises offer an in-depth look at a region that is much more than souks and safaris.

Expedition Cruises are scheduled from March to May 2024 aboard Silver Cloud and Silver Wind, departing from Walvis Bay, Port Elizabeth, Maputo and Dakar for voyages ranging from 12 to 30 days. In addition, several classic cruises are planned, always exploring fascinating Africa, with epic voyages that leave travelers with unforgettable memories.

Expedition Cruises offer: Private chauffeured transportation from home to the airport and back; discounted business class or included economy class airfare, hotel with 1 night pre-cruise and transfers between airport, hotel and ship; included Zodiac excursions; included food and beverages with a choice of restaurants and a variety of cuisines; in-suite and ship-wide beverages including champagne, select wines and spirits and butler service in each suite and in-suite room and dining room service.

All you have to do is book a voyage of discovery to Africa and the Indian Ocean in the comfort and luxury of Silversea Cruises.

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Giorgia Lombardo