On the Rhine and Danube with Avalon Waterways

On board Avalon Illumination, to discover places and landscapes in the heart of Europe immersed in comfort. A unique experience on board a river ship that travels on the Danube among breathtaking scenery, artistic cities and lots of relaxation on board.

This is the winning formula of Avalon Waterways that combines a vacation to discover the most beautiful places overlooking the Danube with moments of excellent cuisine and entertainment on board.

The advantages of a river cruise are numerous. First of all, you are always in the heart of the city, comfortably docked in the center, with the possibility of returning to the ship at any time of day for a good meal or a little rest. The journey will never be boring. Floating on the silent waters of the river is an extremely rewarding experience, which will take you through countryside and vineyards, small towns and big cities. Within a few days you will pass from Budapest to Bratislava, from Vienna to Passau, crossing some of the most beautiful regions of countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

In each port, exclusive excursions are offered, which reserve the best of what is offered in the ports of call, but also some extraordinary experiences, such as a classical music concert in the heart of Vienna.

On board ships like Avalon Illumination, you will enjoy a family environment, where meeting other guests will be a pleasure but where you will also find corners for privacy and intimacy, such as the beautiful stern terrace. There are three categories of cabins, and undoubtedly the Panorama Suites and Royal Suites offer incredible views, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open completely.

The difference is also made at the table, with a comfortable and elegant environment that offers international dishes but also with a look at the most typical recipes of the places visited. The courteous and helpful staff will always be available to attend to your every need and serve you your favorite cocktail.

Avalon Waterways proposes river itineraries to discover wonderful cities, offering truly unforgettable images and moments. What struck us most, among the various positive aspects of the trip, is the feeling of relaxation that you enjoy during the navigation and the beauty of the landscapes crossed. Just linger in the Panorama Lounge or remain comfortably lying in your suite to see castles, forests and vineyards appear. Fascinating also is the passage through the locks, when the ship rises and falls on slopes of more than 20 meters.

As summer arrives, it all comes together with the convenience of the outdoor deck, which offers lounge chairs, sunbeds, a hot tub and a dining area, where barbecues are often held.

In short, a winning formula that opens new horizons of discovery and relaxation, combining the beauty of unique cities with the charm of small towns overlooking the Danube, all accompanied by many attentions and the intimacy and charm of Avalon Waterways ships.

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