Silver Moon: luxury and innovation on the sea

Silver Moon, Silversea Cruises’ 2020 ship, fully represents the elegance and luxury services characteristic of the company and brings to the sea a series of important innovations, both at the table and in all on-board services. With a capacity of about 590 passengers, Silver Moon is able to offer an exclusive and attentive service to […] Read more

Celebrity Apex: the modern art of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Apex is the second Edge-class ship produced for Celebrity Cruises, following its sister ship Celebrity Edge, and has been in operation since July 2021. The feeling you get when you stand in front of Celebrity Apex for the first time is one of pure amazement. It’s not so much the size, because there are […] Read more

Costa Firenze: the Renaissance on the sea

Costa Firenze, a Costa Cruises  Vista-class ship designed for the oriental market, began its Mediterranean cruise business in July 2021 and brings all the Renaissance charm of Florence and its surroundings to the sea, from the Chianti hills to Versilia. Dedicating a ship to the city of Florence inevitably involves taking your passengers on a […] Read more

On board Msc Cruises: all about the Msc Seaside

The Msc Seaside was the first of the innovative class of ships launched by Msc Cruises in 2017. This successful project was then followed by the construction of the Msc Seaview and the Msc Seashore. The numbers of the Msc Seaside are really impressive, especially for the times we are living in, as we are […] Read more

World Voyager: the Nicko Cruises’ small unit

The World Voyager is an expedition ship in the Mystic Cruises’ fleet that currently sails for the German cruise brand Nicko Cruises, a company specialized in river cruises that also offers maritime routes. The ship is part of a fleet of twin sister constructions, some planned for the coming years, with a maximum capacity of […] Read more

Carnival Vista: a new generation “fun ship”

Carnival Vista is one of Carnival Cruise Line’s new generation ships, the first in the Vista class for the American company, that has been sailing since 2016. The ship weighs 133,500 tons and has a length of 321 meters, 15 decks, and can accommodate almost 4000 passengers (3934 to be exact). At the time in […] Read more

Silversea Cruises: let’s explore the Silver Wind

Silver Wind, a small unit owned by Silversea Cruises, began service is 1995 but, thanks to an extensive refit, it is a ship that today offers warm hospitality and plenty of comfort. The size of “just” 17,235 tons and 156 meters in length makes the ship seem similar to a large yacht where you will […] Read more

Costa Firenze: an all-Italian beauty

Costa Firenze, a recent addition to the Costa Cruises fleet represents a tribute to the Renaissance and brings Italian style and the search for beauty to the sea, recalling Florentine environments and a taste for art. Conceived for the Asian market, it is a sister ship of the Costa Venezia, inspired by another beautiful Italian […] Read more

Marina: the beauty of Oceania Cruises

The Marina, a 66,084 tonne ship launched in January 2011, was the first unit of the new generation of ships to renew the Oceania Cruises fleet. Built by Fincantieri, the first O-Class ship for Oceania has a maximum capacity of 1258 passengers and 629 cabins. The Marina is distinguished by the elegance of the rooms […] Read more

Silver Moon: elegance and innovation from Silversea

Silver Moon, the twin of the Silver Muse, is a Silversea Cruises ship delivered in October 2020, with cutting-edge technology, innovations in style and comfort and the famous S.A.L.T. program that allows guests to discover new places through gastronomy. Silver Moon has a design inspired by the Silver Muse, however many of the common guest […] Read more