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Disney Magic, a 1998 ship built by Fincantieri, marked the beginning of Disney Cruise Line’s activity. Today it doesn’t reveal its age; it is beautifully preserved and renewed in accordance with time and technology.

Forget the confusion, colours and excitement of a Luna Park. There’s nothing more wrong than associating Mickey Mouse’s ships with something like that. If you get on Disney Magic you’ll be stunned by the elegance of the atrium, the restaurants, the lounges for adults and children. Let’s explore Disney Magic, the firstborn ship in the Disney fleet, which immediately strikes you with its atmosphere and the “magic” it gives.

On Deck 3, the main atrium (Lobby Atrium) is a real eye-catcher: panoramic lifts, modern Art decorations and stuccoes, Mickey Mouse at the helm and exciting music that reminds us of the short films of “Fantasia”. On both sides are the Guest Services and the Port Adventures Desk. Elegant armchairs allow you to stop and enjoy this atmosphere while you sail from one island to another or expect to dine at the equally elegant Lumiere’s restaurant. Dedicated to the famous candelabrum of Beauty and the Beast, it is one of the Rotational Dining restaurants, with a classic style and a more formal look.

On one side of Lumiere’s opens a beautiful corridor facing the sea that leads to the Promenade Lounge, a large bar with a small stage and some scenic computer stations. Another must-see restaurant, the Rapunzel’s Royal Table, closes aft. Added to one of Disney Magic‘s refitters, it will make you experience the thrill of dining in a large castle, where everything, needless to mention…seems “magical”.

In the bow area of deck 3 there are some places dedicated to adults. The Fathoms, the first to open from the lobby, is a large lounge where you can watch shows and entertainment with live music. The Keys is a piano bar with large leather sofas and a long counter that reminds us of the transatlantic liners of the past. If you’re looking for more lively music or a good beer, you can spend the evening at O’Gill’s Pub. Not only tables, stools and wooden finishes in English pub style, but also large screens to follow sporting events and nice stations for checkers or chess.

We head up to Deck 4 to continue to discover other wonderful Disney Magic venues. At the bow is the Walt Disney Theatre, a beautiful milieu dedicated for great shows and musicals, periodically renewed on board the fleet. At the entrance is the Preludes Bar: not only the ideal place to wait for the show, but a nice place to read in the afternoon or have an aperitif. Walt watches over you from a large horizontal picture, which reminds us who is the author of all this magic.

It is really difficult, even for those who do not like shopping, to get into the shops on board and not want … everything! Mickey’s Mainsail and White Caps offer all kinds of Disney themed souvenirs, but also clothing and household items, really irresistible.

Continuing aft on deck 4 you will find the D Lounge, a place for projections and meetings for excursions, and cross corridors full of themed paintings: it is the Art Gallery of Disney Magic. The Crown’s Jewellery offers much more challenging temptations, with fine watchmaking and jewellery. Finally, the third restaurant included in the Rotational Dining: Animator’s Palate is located aft. Here, the environment is dedicated to sketches of many Disney characters, drawn on the walls and ceiling. Even diners can devote themselves to drawing, and their creations will be projected on the screens of the restaurant.

Deck 5 also has areas dedicated to guests. The Buena Vista Theatre is another venue for shows, concerts and musicals. Kids will be entertained at a Small World Nursery and the Oceaneer Club, the latter a multi-purpose environment, with games of all kinds.

Other guest areas can be found on decks 9, 10 and 11. The aft area of deck 9 is home to the Cabanas buffet restaurant. Entering the beach area there is another refreshment point managed by…Daisy: the Daisy’ De-Lites. The Nephews’ Splash Zone (the three grandchildren!) has water games, like the nearby Aqua Lab. Other refreshment points in this area are Duck-in Diner, Frozone Treats, Eye Scream and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria. The main pool, Goofy’s Family Pool, is dedicated to Goofy and is freely accessible to children. Movies and cartoons are constantly passing through the big screen. Edge, Signals Bar and Cove Café are other places to cool off with a drink and a break in the shade. Only adults have access to the Quiet Cove Adult Pool, a little further on. At the bow of deck 9, finally, there is the wellness area: the Fitness Center and the Senses Spa & Salon.

Deck 10 is home to the Wide World of Sports Deck at the bow. After a series of beautiful sunbathing areas, the Palo Restaurant, inspired by Italian cuisine, is the paid alternative aboard Disney Magic. Don’t forget, especially if you’re travelling with children, to go up to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: this is where the little guests will be transformed into… “Princesses for a Day”! At Vibe, Deck 12, teenagers will also have something to commit themselves to, with a venue entirely dedicated to them.

The Disney Magic cabins have different configurations from the interior to the Ocean view, to the Concierge Royal Suite, that always gives you the thrill of sleeping with Mickey Mouse but without sacrificing any kind of comfort. Don’t forget to decorate the door with magnets and other customizations!

Disney Magic combines services and entertainment for all audiences, a series of attractions and games for children that will give them a memorable experience. At the same time, cutting-edge services for adults, reserving them elegant and even reserved spaces, not forgetting to make them relive the timeless magic of Walt Disney, sitting comfortably to the sound of the piano or tasting a good whiskey.

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Gabriele Bassi