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A movie set on the 7 seas

Me gustó

Intimacy, cleanliness, dining, itinerary, entertainment

No me gustó

A little outdated design of the reception area


If I had to summarize my experience in a few sentences, I would firstly have to say that Msc Musica’s charm and heart lays in its intimacy, which I would consider an advantage, not a flaw. It lets you live the ship in its entirety and immerse yourself in its deepest, velvety corners. Suggested for shorter itineraries and those who want to relax and enjoy the calm realms of luxury, not really for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers. You can read a full, detailed review on my website - here's the link:

area geográfica
Mediterráneo oriental
Crucero (8 Dias)
Jul 2019
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con amigos

Puertos de escala: Venice, Brindisi, Katakolon, Mykonos, Piraeus, Sarande, Dubrovnik

Embarque y desembarque
  • Embarque
  • Confort y Design
  • Limpieza/Mantenimiento
Áreas comunes
  • Confort y Design
  • Limpieza/Mantenimiento
  • Amabilidad
  • Eficiencia
Servicios a bordo
  • Gimnasio y Spa
  • Tiendas
  • Representaciones teatrales
  • Servicio de internet/Wi-Fi
  • Casino
  • Baby Club/Teen Club
  • Servicio al cliente
  • Entretenimiento
  • Servicio de Bar
  • Calidad de los restaurantes principales
  • Calidad de los restaurantes buffet
  • Calidad de los restaurantes de especialidades
Calificaciones finales
  • ¿Tomarías un crucero en este barco?
  • ¿Recomendarías este barco?
  • Valor por dinero
  • Asistencia lingüística

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