Monte M @Monte Expert Contributor (8) 24/08/2021

Silver Moon is simply astonishing.

Eu gostei

The S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) Culinary Arts program puts any other sea-going Culinary program to shame.

Eu não gostei

Absolutely none. Superb food, incredible accommodations and so all-inclusive we only paid for a single postage stamp.


Magnifacent from top to bottom, this beautiful ship gives new meaning to the word 'luxury'. With a choice of 8 dining venues ranging from Fine French at La Dame to Japanese at Kaiseki, this ship elevates shipboard cuisine to new heights. Specially impressive was S.A.L.T.Kitchen which offers a menu every single night that highlights the specialties of every single port of call. Along with the culinary masterpieces is a complimentary wine cellar featuring over 170 wines to choose from. The ship is a tribute to contemporary Italian Art and Design showcased throughout. Its suites--and there are only suites--range from 333 square feet to over 1500 suare feet. Virtually every one of them has a private veranda. And every one of them has an enormous bathroom with jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower, walk-in closet, sitting room, a fully-stocked bar and the services of both a Butler and a designated Housekeeper. At every port of call there is an included shore excursion. It is simply incomparable.

Área do cruzeiro
Mediterrâneo Oriental
Cruzeiro (10 dias)
Jul 2021
Quem fez o cruzeiro?
Em pares
Estados Unidos

Portos de chamada: Athens, Syros, Paros, Patmos, Rhodes, Limassol Cyprus, Crete, Mykonos, Athens

Embarque e desembarque
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  • Conforto e Design
  • Limpeza/Manutenção
  • Conforto e Design
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  • Cortesia
  • Eficiência
Serviços de bordo
  • Ginásio e Spa
  • Lojas
  • Performances teatrais
  • Serviço de Internet/Wifi
  • Casino
  • Baby Club / Teen Club
  • Atendimento ao Cliente
  • Entretenimento
  • Serviço de bar
  • Qualidade dos restaurantes principais
  • Qualidade de restaurantes buffet
  • Qualidade de restaurantes especializados
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