Costa Cruises: Great news on board

Costa Cruises is presenting some great news for its holidays, which will completely redesign the Italian company’s offer, so much so that we can talk about a new way of travelling on a cruise.

Costa‘s new proposal is based on the exploration of destinations through unique experiences, both on board and ashore. To build these experiences, the company has worked on three main elements – gastronomy, excursions, sustainability – which are communicated through a new visual identity and in line with the “Manifesto for Valuable, Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism”, the decalogue summarising Costa Cruises‘ commitment to growing together with local communities and promoting careful and responsible travel.

“After the ships restarted, we thought about a renewal in our offer, introducing so many important innovations that we can talk about a new way of travelling with Costa. We want those coming on holiday with us to enjoy unique, enriching experiences while discovering destinations in a more authentic, profound and sustainable way” – Mario Zanetti, General Manager of Costa Cruises, says.

“For over 70 years Costa has been synonymous with cruise travel. At this very important time for the recovery of tourism, we wanted to rewrite the future of cruises, in a more responsible key that is mindful of people and the planet, with the aim of guiding the sector back to the steady growth it had before 2020.”

In terms of gastronomy, Costa has relied on the expert guidance of three of the world’s top chefs: Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze and Ángel León. The result is a real “journey within a journey”, in which destinations are described through food. Costa has also prepared 2 great novelties: the Archipelago restaurant, available on the Costa Smeralda and soon on other ships in the fleet and offers a truly unique culinary experience, with three menus to choose from, one for each chef, and the Destination Dish, individual dishes which interpret the tradition and flavours of the place to be visited the following day.

The concept and design of the restaurant are also completely innovative. The Archipelago is made up of “island” tables, for a more intimate experience bordered by a copper structure that embraces unique pieces of “driftwood”, installations made of wood recovered from the sea thanks to the “Guardians of the Coast”, the environmental education programme for the protection of the Italian coastline promoted by the Costa Crociere Foundation. Special attention is paid to the theme of sustainability.  The chefs’ menus, as well as the Destination Dishes, have been created with great care in the choice of raw materials, mainly from local producers, and in their preparation with the aim of avoiding food waste.

As for excursions, the company has redesigned its offer to explore hidden and little-visited gems. In addition, the fleet’s itineraries have been designed to include the longest port stops ever.

A great novelty in Costa‘s portfolio are the National Geographic Expeditions tours, created in collaboration with the Tour Operator Kel 12, which will make your cruise experience with Costa even more memorable and exclusive. These tours allow you to discover unique places accompanied by unique people, such as archaeologists, oenologists, volcanologists, marine biologists and photographers.

Costa‘s transformation is so extensive that the company has also decided to evolve its distinctive brand with a new visual identity. The most innovative element is represented by the logo and especially by its most recognizable element: the iconic “C”, which has accompanied Costa ships around the world for over 70 years. The new “C” is in fact the union of two different elements in an enveloping and sinuous embrace: the earth is represented by the yellow lower part of the logo, and the sea is represented by the blue upper part, which, thanks to the cruise with Costa come together in the same unique experience.

Costa‘s innovations are already available on the company’s ships currently in service: the Costa Smeralda, the LNG (liquefied natural gas)-powered flagship pioneering sustainable innovation and the Costa Firenze, offering week-long cruises in the western Mediterranean; the Costa Luminosa and  Costa Deliziosa offering week-long cruises in the eastern Mediterranean; and the Costa Diadema engaged in 10-day cruises in Spain and Portugal. This will then be extended to the other ships which will gradually return to operation, including the new flagship Costa Toscana, the second LNG-powered ship in the fleet scheduled to enter service in March 2022.

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Giorgia Lombardo